How Do I License a Song?

There are two sides to every song, the master owner and the music publisher. You will need a license for both sides. Please note Universal Records only controls masters, so you will need to contact all publishers that own the song as well. You may also be required to pay fees to the AFM (American Federation of Musicians) if musicians who played on the master recording are AFM union members.
Please fill in our Request Now page to license the master from us.

How Do I Know Who Controls or Owns The Master?

A great way to figure out who controls a  master is to find the song on iTunes and check what the (P) line states. If it does not state Universal, it may also be a label we distribute. Research online or wikipedia to see who the distributing label is. If it’s distributed through Universal, you can likely license through us.


How Do I Know Who The Publisher Is?

There are a few online databases  that can help you figure that out. Try searching ALL the below performing rights organization databases for songwriter names and publishing contacts. Writers and publishers are also listed in the credits and liner notes of the album artwork.










How Much Will It Cost To License A Song?

Fees to license a song will vary from project to project. The longer the term (1 week vs. In Perpetuity) the wider the territory (Canada vs. World) and the bigger the media (Film Fest vs. All Television) the larger the fee will be. To get an exact cost you will have to submit all the details on our request form.


How Do I Know If The Song Requires Paying Union Fees To The AFM or SAG?

Please contact the AFM and SAG offices directly and they will be able to tell you if the song is registered to any of their members and what additional fees may apply.


AFM/CFM Contract Administrator – Daniel Calabrese

SAG-AFTRA  Administrator –


I’ve Been Informed The Master is Approved MFN. What Does MFN Mean?

MFN means Most Favoured Nations. This simply means that whatever amount you agree to pay the publisher, you also agree to pay the master owner and vice versa. If the publisher ends up charging more than the master owner, you must increase the fee for the master so they are equal amounts on both sides.


How Long Does It Take For My Song To Get Clearance Approval?

Clearances can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks on average. We suggest you submit your songs as soon as possible to avoid missing any of your project deadlines because the music has not been cleared yet.


What if I’m Located Outside of Canada?

If you are located outside of Canada you will have to contact  the Universal licensing department in your territory.


I Am Looking To License A Song For An Album or Compilation

If you are looking to license a song for an album project or compilation, please note the following procedure:


1. Click here to email us with the SUBJECT HEADING: Compilation License Request


Personal Video Youtube Requests

If you are looking to use a song on a YouTube video for personal use and are not advertising product, please note the following procedure:


1. Click here to email us the web address (also known as a URL) with the SUBJECT HEADING: Personal YouTube Video Request

**please note, YouTube has not acquired rights for mobile use from Universal as yet, so if we grant usage, it likely will not be able to be viewed on a mobile device. (This goes for all our music videos also)


School Licensing Requests

If you are a high school looking to license music, please note the following process:


1. Fill out the Request Now Page


Please put SCHOOL REQUEST before the name of the production in the production name box.